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Company profile

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Securities referred to: Sealong Biotechnology Stock code:830821

Anhui Sealong Biotechnology Co., Ltd., is a research and development, production and sales of new materials, functional food additives and biodegradation of high-tech joint-stock enterprises, the company is located in Bengbu City, Mo estuary Huaishang District Industrial Park, covers an area of 260 acres, east of Huaihe, South Ningluo speed, distance from Hefei Luogang Airport and Nanjing Lukou Airport in about 2.5 hours. By car, traffic is convenient.

In June 23, 2014, the company has successfully listed the share transfer system of small and medium enterprises in the country, commonly known as the "new three board"。

Anhui Sealong Biotechnology Co., Ltd.,is one of the main suppliers of malic acid in the world. The company has passed ISO9000 quality management system certification, ISO14000 environmental management system certification, ISO22000 food safety system certification, HALAL halal certification and KOSHER Jewish Food certification, and British BRC certification.

The company adhere to rely on scientific and technological progress, the development of the concept of green development, the next few years will form the 3 + 1 industrial layout: build a green chemical production technology platform -- an annual output of 50 thousand tons of raw materials and energy supply maleic anhydride based platform; functional additive industry: built 20 thousand tons / year DL- malic acid, 5000 tons of bio based L- apple acid (National 863 major projects, 5000 tons / year of Industrial Engineering) L- aspartic acid and polymer, 10000 tons / rich horse acid; biodegradable materials industry: new construction of 20 thousand tons / year of biodegradable plastic series (PBS) of the degraded environmental protection new material industrialization demonstration base; functional terminal products: malic acid series functional health products. After the implementation of the plan, annual sales revenue can reach more than 1 billion yuan. It has become the world's main production base of malic acid series products and the demonstration base of biodegradation and environmental protection new materials industrialization.

The company has formed an innovative industrial technology research and development and industrialization platform by the mode of independent research and development and production research and research. The company has built an enterprise engineering technology development center, and in cooperation with the Beijing Institute of Technology, established the Beijing Institute of Technology Xue Lang biomass engineering technology research and development center. At present, the company has independent intellectual property rights of malic acid green production technology, C4 two carboxylic acid biosynthesis technology and biodegradable material production core technology, to achieve high purity products, green technology, and has been authorized by a number of invention patents. The key technology and application of fumaric acid and its derivatives is awarded the two prize of national technological invention in 2013, and C4 two carboxylic acid biosynthesis technology is the 863 major project in 12th Five-Year.


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